Something Animations
All of these are animated .gifs, because I have still yet to learn Flash. However, they are rather good and I'm quite proud of them. If they're moving really slow and awkward for you, then your conenction, or this server, is probably being horrifically slow, so I suggest saving them to your computer and seeing if you can watch them there. If not, uhm, sorry.


Sho and Snip Fight Fight!

Holy shit did this project blow up in my face. Anyway, it's done. It's 189 frames of pure beating fun . . . or not. It had to be compressed REALLY low because it was originally 1.5 MBs in memory, and that's when it was unfinished. So the .gif is really bad, but still amusing. Seeing as it's such a big gif, people with slow connections probably do not want to open it, it may freeze you up, but you if you "Save Target As" and watch it on your computer it may work.


Beez Chugs Water.

I needed to do a smaller animation for the same class as #5 is being made for, so I did that. It stars Beez and Johnny, two future characters, in their "cartoon forms." XD


Merry V-Day!

No one loves me, so all day on Valentine's Day I choked back my sadness by doing a 100+ frame animation using openCanvas to draw it, and Animation Shop 3 to animate it. YAY! (Okay, I actually wasn't sad, but I really did have nothing to do.)


Sho Hates You

A small animated icon that I use on AIM, forums and DeviantART. Done in oC.


"Hi! I'mmmmm . . . uh . . . Shhhoooo . . . YEAH! SHO! YAY!"

Actual hand-drawn animation done over a year ago using tracing paper and Animation Shop 2.