Color -- Black and White -- Sketches -- Pending

Something Art Gallery, feel free to peruse the sundries.


Dead Gerbil, Dead Cat, Dead Duck.

When did this picnic turn into a barbecue?!

Kez dreaming of Mister Pibb.


Desert bloom.

Jonbri and Marvel's human disguises. Marvel's face is made of paper. :p

Like A __
Taking off a certain Moulin Rouge scene.

Something Sketches 2
Just a random comic and some random sketches.

Buy Energizer Max
Commercial sell out. The kids in the bg that look like wrathing maggots will come later in the comic.

How does one go about unstapling yourself?

"Please shoot me."

Sho does boogity.

"You know, I learned a something today--"
"Yeah, don't put the fucking hat on Frosty!"

Snip just doesn't understand the holidays.

Well, Santa is scary to schizophrenics...

Sho the Xmas Angel versus Kasey's Ollie the Xmas angel. May be colored later on, we shall see.

Justin knows what's best.

Justin dancing with the BEST old man ever.
Poor Justin.  She once had a soul.

I was watching a show on Discovery channel about the oceans and stuff. They were talking about life in the deep sea. Sho is now haunted by them.

I was reading a book about bunnies. Here's a bunny. Enjoy.
Nippy eating Super Bunny Boy Justin's face!
Huggle!  teehee
Do you feel like kicking some ass?
Danger!  Towel!
The Zoom Leash

Has absolutely nothing to do with anything, I was just feeling perverted one day.
Tchya, like that's real math she's writing, GO ME!
On the downside.