The Missing Storyline Which Isn't Really Missing Since It'll Come Eventually But I'll Be Redoing The Comics Because These Ones Aren't So Good No More.
(AKA: The original 12 pages from The Fraternity Saga featuring Super Squirrel Girl Sho.)


NOTE: This is just a craptacular page. I remember rushing through it during English. I couldn't think of anything clever. Fuck, even the first panel monologue makes no sense. Basically, more talk about her crush, but she also includes Sho in the discussion, to show how Sho affects her life.

In the last panel, the man was actually holding a lead pipe behind his back, insinuating that he was going to do something not-very-nice to Sho. I cut it out because I thought it was too mean. Pffft. When I redo this storyline I'm gonna devote a whole page to the lead pipe scene, it's perfect hilarity!

I want a Randal squeaking "Porn!" plush.