The difference between Kasey and Jessica, no matter how hard that is, this helpful guide should help you in a helping way.

Yes, it's hideous, we know, and we apologize, but it was the only clear picture we could capture of these two girls together in their wild habitat. (Note the Vinny faerie guardian above their heads.) The creature known as Kasey is the smaller, red-headed one; Jessica is the tall, short-haired, butch brunette. Kasey likes pina coladas and walks in the rain, while Jessica likes making love on the dunes (if she could only get "some," that is).

Kasey = LOLM

Jessica = Something

Clearly, Jessica has a more sophisticated way of storytelling than Kasey. But Kasey's backgrounds actually look like actual THINGS in life, while Jessica's always look like blobby sorta things set on fire.

And finally, drawing this to a close so this page won't take forever to load:

Jessica will gladly be seen in public in dresses AND with mutated kitty men!
While Kasey would much rather have her chin ripped off.

That's all for today. Perhaps more shall be added . . . one day. Have any comments or questions about how to tell them apart? Ask or comment away here, here, or here. (Also feel free to send money, gifts, or fan schtuffs, for this documentary company thrives on egotism.)

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