Tarqi Info
For those that care for some reason.

First are generalities about the Tarqi species. Below that, after the big dotted line, is info specific to Snip, Jonbri, Marvel and Boopy. Why? Because I'm that bored. Plus, I like getting down to the technicalities. It makes it look like I know what I'm doing.

The Tarqi are a reptilian race with many traits that are like reptiles, mixed with humanoid and unique traits.

It's made up of scales, but the scales are so woven together it makes their skin have a leather/plastic feel and thickness to it. They shed once every year, around their birthday, but they shed more than that when young due to growth spurts. The shedding stops all together when they pass the age of 50. Despite the skin being white, the Tarqi aren't too sensitive to the sun. The skin also lacks pigments. Their blood and veins are yellow, so they don't stand out through the white skin like an human albino's veins would.

Tarqi can regenerate certain parts: Always their tails, fingers, toes, and other small appendages. Usually they can regenerate their arms and legs, some horn and teeth. Their tails do the defense trick where, if captured, it tears off. Tarqi hate it when that happens, for it hurts like the dickens. Some have to rip off their own tails when under disguise. Time varies for regrowth between Tarqi.

The horn (the large horns on their heads and the spiky mane) are draconian (dragon-like) in appearance. The horn sizes vary in sizes, but the females usually have bigger grown horn. Their head horns are longer and curve more than males, and the royal family usually have the largest. The horn is extremely hard and sharp at the point. The mane is also hard and sharp. The mane goes from their head down to the base of their necks where it turns into dull nubs. The mane becomes pointed again at the base of the tail. Along the tail the mane turns into long spikes that are used to slash with. They also have claws made of smiliar material, which are slightly retractable.

There are males and females. Females are distinguished by longer and more curved horns, usually larger manes, and they are also much taller than the males (but the men have more muscle). Each sex have a muscle protraction that protects the important organs that are in their upper torso. The men are flat and broad, but the women's muscle gathers in a larger lump (ie: the breast-like appearance. :p)

Tarqi "mate for life," though they rarely have more than two children. Females lay eggs that are kept in an incubator at a hospital. The manner of fertilization is basically the same as humans.

The eyes are surprisingly keen, but at a limited periphreal view. (Meaning they have tunnel vision.) Most Tarqi can only perceive the colors white, black, greys, and yellow, which is why most of their world are those colors. (That is their artificial world. Their natural world has colors of a wider spectrum, but it's all very muted. And once in awhile brighter colors sneak into their world, but they don't notice it.) Some Tarqi are "color blind," meaning they can see colors like humans can. But since they come from such a muted world, going to a planet with a wide array of bright colors usually sends them into a panic or shock. (A side note: Snip and his sister are color blind, which they inherited from their mother.)

The Tarqi are technologially advanced, as you'd expect from a galaxy conquering society. They pick up random bits of technology from places they conquer, building up their arsenal. They have spaceships of varying types, "BFGs," and robots with an average AI.

The Tarqi Empire is ruled by a matriarchy. Currently it is ruled by Queen Vih, a tall, sadistic ruler who enjoys hanging misbehaviors by their underwear on a peg for long amounts of time. She's much loved, however, for she is fair, loyal, uncorrupted, and a good leader.

When conquering they do one of the following: 1: Negotiate with the planet to surrender. (Usually with a planet with no means of fighting back. What fun is attacking a place who can't fight back?) 2: Attack outtright (after some co-op duties are done) 3: Assassination of the central leader of a planet. While in chaos either move in and take over peacefully, or not-so-peacefully.

Co-op duties are done by an elite force called Recons. They're much revered and admired, for their job is dangerous, important, daring, and all sorts of fun things!

There is a person, usually a man, that has the ability to sense the future duties of a baby Tarqi. That is the Career Sooth. He's all mystical and stuff. No Tarqi ever gets to decide what their job will be, it is determined by this man, and that child is then sent to the proper place to be trained for the future. The Sooth is always right. Once in awhile there are mishaps, but that's more due to clumsiness of a Tarqi rather than the Sooth was wrong. (Which is the case with poor Snip.)


Snip was born to Mari and Ruff, and his older sister, by around 10 years, is Jonbri. His job is a special kinda of Recon, and that's to go abduct Sho of planet Earth and take her back to Tarqi. In her mind she has the plans for the perfect weapon of mass destruction, which the Tarqi must have in order to drastically increase their empire. Without it, their empire could start to crumble. So, obviously, Snip's job is very important and he was sent out to do his job at a very young age. He has to disguise himself as a human as well as he can and infiltrate Sho's life, and try to abduct her. Too bad little kid Sho is remarkably EVIL.

NOTE: Snip looks like a ZIMish kinda character, and his journey was based on ZIM's, but Snip himself is not based on ZIM or anything having to do with "Invader ZIM." He was actually based around Ford Prefect from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." For some reason I imagined Ford with white, plastic-like skin and black hair like the wig Snip wears. I used this idea for Snip, but I decided to make him into a reptilian alien just to make him look more spiffy.

Jonbri is the firstborn of Mari and Ruff. She was soothed to be a Recon, and she's one of the best. She's also very well loved, a celebrity among the Tarqi Empire. She likes to torture her brother, Snip, like any sister would.

NOTE: Jonbri and her 'bot Marvel were created for a ZIM RPG that I never really got involved in. I wanted an alien that wasn't an Irken 'coz I hated the fact all these RPers were making their Irkens so godly, and I didn't want to do that with mine. One night I drew Jonbri, naming her after a woman that worked on MST3K named Bridget Jones. Her story was that she was on vacation from her Recon job that she had on the Irken's rival empire, the Tarqi. She went to Irk to screw with people's minds, and there she found MIR, an obsolete prototype of a SIR. Everyone on Tarqi adores the MIR, and so Jonbri became even more popular. Later on I decided she would be Snip's older sister, and so I twisted her story around to what you see now.

Marvel was found by Jonbri when she was a child on her first, Very Important Recon mission. Since Tarqi robots don't have the AI high enough to speak in conversation or anything else nifty, Jonbri fell in love with the talking, walking, moody Marvel. (Jonbri also named her "Marvel" for those very reasons.) Marvel, however, is a sad robot for on her planet she was obsolete, and the only surviving 'bot of her production. She had been locked in a storage unit for God knows how long until Jonbri found her. Even a robot can't take that kind of rejection.

NOTE: Marvel was also based off a character from "The Hitchhiker's Guide," and that's Marvin the robot. He was always moody and depressed. Marvel looks like a SIR from "Invader ZIM," however, because she was created for a ZIM RPG, but then was recycled into a Something character. Marvel is awesome. I love her little eyelash things. She does not act like GIR. She is not happy at all.

Boopy was created by Snip while on his very long journey to Earth when he was a child. He was aiming for something like Marvel, but only COOLER. He succeeded in making Boopy look very spiffy, but Boopy's AI is below Marvel's, so he essentially failed. Boopy is a quiet and loyal 'bot made out of a metal Snip stole that makes the robot change sizes with ease, and sometimes change shape. Boopy is in the shape of a black beetle, with wings and giant red eyes. It's a perfect transportation and fighting 'bot, which is what Snip usually uses it for.

NOTE: I felt sorry for Snip that he didn't have a l33t robot, so I created Boopy for him. (But he still is not superior to his sister. Must keep that pathetic image!) I also figured Sho should have an inspiration for Sparkle, the black spider robot she has. This would explain how she made it, and why it can go from a box with a button form to a giant spider form. Boopy in no way acts like GIR, just a note to ZIM people reading this, so don't expect it.