The Missing Storyline Which Isn't Really Missing Since It'll Come Eventually But I'll Be Redoing The Comics Because These Ones Aren't So Good No More.
(AKA: The original 12 pages from The Fraternity Saga featuring Super Squirrel Girl Sho.)


NOTE: For some reason, when I was drawing these comics, I wanted to rush through the Frat Saga, which was a horrible mistake because as I look at it now as a reader it's awfully confusing. So here I am making notes explaining what the fuck I was thinking.

As you can see, this was done in the Ugly Shit style way back when. (About 4 months ago!) Man, how I change in just a couple of months is frightening.

There are a lot of confusing things in this page alone. I probably should have devoted a full page to Justin talking about returning to college, and then the joke about Dead being a stand-in for Justin would have been executed much better and so consequently it would have been much more humorous. I should also have explained why the girls in college are all gaga over Justin. I should have also explained about Justin's fraternity. See, in this ONE page alone contains THREE pages of story.

I would explain all this stuff to you now, but it will be explained in a couple of months when I do the Sho and Justin flashback, so you can wait. Just know I made a terrible terrible mistake when drawing these pages.