The Missing Storyline Which Isn't Really Missing Since It'll Come Eventually But I'll Be Redoing The Comics Because These Ones Aren't So Good No More.
(AKA: The original 12 pages from The Fraternity Saga featuring Super Squirrel Girl Sho.)


NOTE: I like this page a lot. Even though I accidentally dropped ink on the paper and forgot to draw Justin's legs in the bottom left panel ("The dingos took her legs!"), I like how it looks overall with the use of black and the stippling.

The Frat Saga is also a saga that should come AFTER I tell Sho and Justin's backstory. Although this page leaves an element of mystery as to the relationship between everyone in the college, it's probably best for it to go in the Backstory-Frat Saga order in order for people to comprehend. (Which I hear is a good thing.)