The Missing Storyline Which Isn't Really Missing Since It'll Come Eventually But I'll Be Redoing The Comics Because These Ones Aren't So Good No More.
(AKA: The original 12 pages from The Fraternity Saga featuring Super Squirrel Girl Sho.)


BOY IN PARK (AKA A Young Alec): I wanna touch the magical squirrel with boobies!
MOTHER IN PARK: No! You might catch her dumb!

NOTE ON THE TOP OF PAGE: Magical tree of whimsy!
NOTE ON THE BOTTOM OF PAGE: They (Circus Peanuts) never go bad!

NOTE: This one makes me giggle. It's pretty self-explanatory. While Justin is being assaulted in the frat, Sho has decided to be a super hero for awhile. The scary thing is . . . she has super powers.

I love punchlines like those. It's funny when people and small animals are killed.

Please note how my grass looks like it's on fire.