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Color -- Black and White -- Sketches -- Pending

Something Art Gallery, feel free to peruse the sundries.

Freaky Suit Justin.
It was too big for my scanner, so I haphazardly pieced it together...
Fighting Cable Theft


Pretty purple Sho.
So cute!
Design for a T-shirt.
Why must I abuse her so?
Design for another T-shirt.

Bite size Sho and Snip.
I adore this image.
Coming to a theater near you!

Hot tickle action!

Justin's gonna miss her soul.
Something! The Movie. Their Harem is Threatened. (Would I Lie to You?)
I adore this background.
Twink and Sho.


Sho's being molested by a monster hand, but it's fun!
This would make a great tattoo if a flaming skull was added.
Gloomy Marvel.

Blue and yellow Sho.

Invadaa Sho and Fightaa Sho
Yes, it's purposefully colored badly.
From Ugly Shit style to Cute Shit style! Something! Bringing you the best in shit since 2001!

Snip and Jonbri with Boopy and Marvel.

Yellow dress, but with a nifty windblown effect.

Yellow dress.


"You haunt me with your love."

The Justin-with-short-hair image with lame telephone wires for no reason really.

Justin with short hair.

What the fuck are they wearing?
Coffee and a stick.
In pastel-vision!
Strawberry fields.

First true, and bad, oekaki.

Justin looks like Harry Potter.
Uhm . . . I really don't know.
Justin bunny angel thing.
Wouldn't you like one of those?
Gay Hitler shirt.

I love lame backgrounds.

First color concepts of Jonbri and Marvel.
Sho just loves everyone.
Mister Lane!
Also used as an old collective layout.
Mister Pibb!
Sho loves the dirty Molière.
"Je t'aime!"

Ugly shit SD.

Dress up.

By Sho, age 24.

Tiger hunt.
Goth Sho.
Sho's not really a goth, she's *insane*. Insanity leads to this sometimes.

Also used for an old collective layout.
He looks like Kermit the Frog at one point.
Original Snip concepts.

Sho and Dead! (Who originally had one eye, apparently.)
I still don't know what's up with this.
Sho with Justin on a leash.
From an old old collective layout.