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Something Art Gallery, feel free to peruse the sundries.


Further development of Sho's look in the duck image.


New hair-do and eye style.

Sho, Justin, and Ed the Duck

Sho wants walkies

Suddenly Justin
A la "Little Shop of Horrors."

This is a very old picture that was hidden on my harddrive till now.

Sho enjoys Milk X-Treme!

Nipples, oh my.
Did it on a more mature oekaki board, so I had to show SOMEthing. If you don't like it, sit on a pipe and spinwheeeeeeeeee.


My mom said..."You'll be a dehhhhhhentist!"

Poik Angel

Saga 1 Cover
Haven't drawn Sho with her old haircut in a long time...

Marbolo--the brand MEN prefer

Starry Sho
I adore this drawring.

Something Leap
Drawn on PSP. Sho takes her Al fantasy too far.

Drawn on PSP. The guy's name is Cowardopolis and he loves his Teddy. Sho's a cruel cap'n.

He traded in his black wig for a red one and was never the same again.

Yay my forshortening trick doesn't look like crap! Sho's discoin'.

The latest anime magical girl craze! Stay tuned for hentai doujinshi.

Got a Wacom tablet for Christmas and this was my first tablet drawing. Awwwww.

Now playing the flute's gonna hurt. :(


Sho STOMP!--now with spazzy background.

NOTE: Justin's supposed to be a ballerina... but her shoes were cut out, so now she just looks like a whore.

Scribbly '70s Sho.

Sho in another yellow dress.

I had to make a stamp for an art class, and here's a collage of all I did.

The Xmas Angel Sho! She comes to your house on Christmas Eve to give you a special package--OF PAIN!!! (One of my favorites.)

South Park Sho ready to celebrate Xmas. (For a separate comic.)

Testing my new Prisma markers on me pencils. Beaut-ee-ful.

Sho went scissor happy.