This is just where random things that I do with Something will go that doesn't have any real category. :3

Something character selector--Beware the attack of the popups, but it be fun.

"The Missing Storyline Which Isn't Really Missing Since It'll Come Eventually But I'll Be Redoing The Comics Because These Ones Aren't So Good No More."

About the Tarqi alien race-- Where I try to sound all logical and stuff!

The Difference Between Jessica and Kasey-- We know just how difficult it is to tell these two particular, crazy creatures apart, and here is our attempt to sort out all you need to know to tell apart Jessica and Kasey. It's helpful in a maybe helping way.

Armadillo Puddle-- For English one year we had to create a small town, make up some citizens, and tell their story in short little narrative things. Among original characters with "in-joke" names, we also have Sho, Justin, Mr. Pibb, Snip and the Sniffle Lady. :3 Beez from Aero Child is also a person (though a little human girl . . .). I wrote everything down to Justin's story, and Kasey wrote the intro at the top, and from Justin on. (This is also the basis for the Something cartoon.)